Giving Up Clothes

Money. I’m bad at saving. I’m good at making a small amount of cash go a long way. I’m pretty sure that my idea of a must haves doesn’t make sense to a lot of people. Like I spend an insane amount weekly on quality chocolate, but I don’t do Uber or taxis no matter how late at night. I paid for a trip to Italy before I bought a washing machine.  And I am willing to lay out a generous amount on fitness. No, I’m not trying to lose weight, prepare for a high school reunion, or looking to make contacts. I am trying to stay sane.

Last month, I debated about joining a stupidly expensive yoga studio in my neighborhood, so I wasn’t very active. I could work around the astronomical yearly fee, by purchasing a ten or twenty class pass. But I need to sweat daily or bad things happen.  On Sunday, Prince Charming said, I can deal with you talking nonstop, I can deal with you being a hyper rabbit, but this moping is driving me crazy. (We were walking back from the grocery store, and I guess I’d forgotten to keep up my usual stream of multiple conversations.) He said, please, get the membership.

In The New York Times Ron Lieber wrote a compelling article, Basing Life on What You Can Afford about the financial choices that people across the United States are making. Single-mothers, retirees, laid-off husbands, stay-at-home moms, two-income-earning couples, and families with kids are all prioritizing. Few of us, not counting Trump and his appointees, can afford to do whatever we want. The article made me realize how rarely people admit to the daily tradeoffs we make so we can have a life that works.

Well, here’s my trade off. I’ve joined the studio for one year, and I used my clothing budget to do it. So from March 28, 2017 until March 28, 2018, I’m not allowing myself to buy any clothes, except replacements in the very likely case that my go-to jeans rip in the usual spot (inner thighs!) and my running shoes shred (always happens by September).

I’m putting this out there because I want to be accountable. And I want to shake the shame of having to make choices about how I spend money.

BTW, it’s been less than a week since I joined the studio, but I’ve clocked 8 hours in the studio, put one very cute shirt–on sale for half price–back on the rack, and I feel GOOD!

#yogalife #everydamnday #committosomething


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